Jillian Michaels day one!

Earlier today I mentioned starting the Jillian Michaels Thirty Day Shred challenge, so when I got home from work I let the puppys out and got to it.  She really is great at getting me pumped up to workout and I really love that there are three different levels and two different intensities in each level that way if my running has been hard on my body I know I can always “follow Anita”.  Haha I’m pretty funny.
I don’t know if you can see my little foam roller there in the corner but I love that foam roller, I recomend everyone get one even if you don’t run a ton. 

This my temporary yoga mat until I can do some shopping around for a new one.  I would show you pictures of what Honey(my dog) did to mine but it was really disgusting and may offend some, I do have pictures on my phone of the “incident” that I am going to keep so that when I do spend a fairly unreasonable amount of money on a yoga mat I can show Austin what I went through when I came home to that horrible Tuesday and he will be fine with me spending lots of money:) but really it was horrible.

This is a poor attempt at trying to take a selfie when my arms are tired and shaky and my phone wouldn’t quit falling out of my hand.
I am starting a new thing where every Sunday I prepare my meals and workout plans for the week and get my to-do list organinzed, I got the idea from Monica the owner of the blog www.runeatrepeat.com if you have never checked it out I strongly recommend that you consider it, it’s one of my favorites she is super funny.  I wil keep you posted on how my challenge is going and if I feel any improvement, so far for day one I feel more energetic already.  I will also keep you posted on how meal planning and workout planning for a whole week works out, since its Monday and not Sunday I am going to play catch up and get organized tonight and then start adding it into my Sunday routine.
I hope everyone is having an amazing day I am going to end the post with something I found on facebook that really made me smile.
Also one more thing if people have any ideas or special tips or tupawear that they use for planning meals weekly I am all ears, I am now off to target to get a planner so that I can write out everything that we will be having how and to store it. TTYL!

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