The Haunted Half preparation….

I know I have mentioned a couple times that I will be running in the Haunted Half this weekend, and I just wanted to go over some of my favorite tips and tricks for preparing for the week before and the day of the half marathon.  I don’t have too many races under my belt, but there are a few races I have run in where right as I started to run I knew exactly what I wasn’t going to do for next time.

  • My #1 thing: NO FLIP FLOPS or sandals of any kind.

          -My reasoning for this is if you go back to the about me post, I uploaded a picture of my foot and it is all black and blue and swollen.  This injury happened the day before the marathon, I was literally on my way to my packet pick-up, I was walking in Austins’ house and my little pinky toe caught on to his laundry room door and my toe was stuck in a L shape for hours after.  I still ran the race, which I should not have, by mile 20 my back began to spasm my IT band was killing me and every time my left foot struck down my whole foot would seize up.  It was miserable I made it to mile 23 and I had to walk, I called Austin and asked him to come pick me up but he told me I had made it so far and that I should just walk so that I could cross the finish line so he walked with me for 3.2 miles and I was able to finish, but my time was horrible and I was so upset I just turned in my chip and left.  I will not be making that mistake twice.

  • Don’t eat foods you are not used to, no matter how many times you’ve been told to ‘carb load”.

          – I know people drill in your head that you need to carb load like crazy, but when your body isn’t used to excessive amounts of carbs, and in my case pizza and pasta, it does horrible things to your digestive system.  This also happened the day of my marathon and I had to hit every single bathroom.  So with everything else that happened during my very first marathon I have been a little shell shocked about registering for another full marathon.

  • Training with people/running race with someone.

         –  It was a really fun race, despite the fact that it was really scary and I was all by myself in the middle of the night, running down a canyon that I was not at all familiar with.  It was really boring for that reason, I think having a running partner that you can sign up for races with is an excellent idea especially when you are first starting out, it helps keep your mind busy and you are able to be more diligent with your time goals.

  • Test out many different race outfit ideas.

       – The race day outfit is a crucial part of race preparation,  I always try many different running spandex or shorts with different types of tanks/tee shirts during my training, and especially during my long runs.  I want to eliminate the horrible feeling of chaffing if at all possible, also it can be a miserable 13.1 miles if your shorts keep riding up while running and you have to constantly pull them down.  To be comfortable is the most important thing, have comfortable shoes, socks, hat, pants and sports bras.

Later I will write a post where I tell you everything I bring with me to be prepared for race day, but as of right now I am still deciding on what to bring and on whether or not I will dress up.  My race day costume idea is wheres Wanda but I am still undecided.
I can’t decide skeleton because its easy or Where’s Wanda, or just go as a runner, so far going as a runner is winning;)

Does anyone have any great ideas that are cheap and easy to do?

Is anyone running in a Halloween marathon this weekend or next?

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