Should I or not

I have been really torn on which strategy to use on Saturday in regards to pace.  The first ten miles of this race are straight downhill and I do my quickest running(like with most people) when I am running down hill.  So the dilemma I am running into is whether or not to book it down the canyon at a fast 7:30-8:30(fast for me anyways) pace or should I hold back and allow myself to speed up during the last half of the half.  Normally I would take it easy and save my energy for the last half of the race but with it being all down hill really, except the last three miles which are relatively flat, I am struggling on what to choose.  I have heard from people who have ran this race in the past that it is extremely fast and that people usually PR on this race course.

This is a picture I recieved from facebook, it is hard to make out but I believe there is something like 1,500 feet of elevation change.  I will let you know what I decide, probably on race day, and if it’s cold just know that my decision will be made for me, I have to run really fast in the cold because one it is the quickest way for me to get really warm really fast, and secondly the faster I can get out of the cold and into my warm clothes the better.
I have decided that I am going to do a weekly post about all the things I have read throughout the week, as far as articles and inspirational stories go.  I will also be posting recipes that I have tried during the week that really turned out well, and links to websites that have really great stuff.  So keep an eye out, they will be up every Sunday since it will be my day to plan out my meals/workout plan for the week.
And some funny running pictures!!
Running motivation for all my fellow runners who need it:)
This one made me laugh harder than it probably should have!
What are your opinions?
Has anyone ran this Half before?

2 thoughts on “Should I or not

  1. Personally I would just go for it! Most of the time it makes sense to follow conventional wisdom and not start out too fast/try to \”negative split\” the race, but looking at the elevation profile, I would run hard from the start. The last couple of miles might kind of suck, but it's just a couple of miles, you'll make it! This course definitely looks like a PR course.


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