Friendship foliage

My work is doing a sort of gift exchange for Halloween, we are calling it our friendship foilage.  The idea is that everyone gets a coworker they have to buy a gift for and then find a creative way to give it to that person without them knowing it was you.  

I love this bag, I’m really bad at being creative so it is going to be hard for me to give this to my coworker and have her not realise it was me who gave it to her, I am no good at hiding a secret when I am excited for the person to know the secret.  I am not the person you want to tell about a surprise party or anything like that I get all smiely and what not.

The person who gave me my gift was very creative and it was super fun!

Each spider web had a little hidden note on it about where to go next and where the next gift was, it was a really fun way to start off my day!
On a more fitness related note, my Thirty Day Shred challenge is going good the only issue I have ran into is that my legs are feeling really fatigued so I am deciding to push the challenge back to next week so that I can rest my legs Thursday, go for a short run on Friday and then run my Half on Saturday.  
My workout plan so far this week has been:
  • Monday: No run, Jillian Michaels 
  • Tuesday: Three slow miles, and Jillian Michaels in the early AM (because I have class at the UofU)
  • Wednesday: Three miles felt a strain in my inner thigh, (decided to push my challenge back)
  • Thursday: Six week six pack to switch it up
  • Friday: Running Forward Progam(I am training elementary school kids how to run a 5k)
  • Saturday: Half Marathon, I am SUPER excited!!
What are some creative ways to give my coworker their gift without them knowing?

6 thoughts on “Friendship foliage

  1. Love the scavenger hunt–how fun! And awesome job listening to your body and taking an extra rest day…sometimes our bodies just need a little extra recovery time! Maybe try writing a limerick or poem (maybe see if Google has any suggestions? :)) to make finding the gift more fun?


  2. Sounds like fun! I am no good at that stuff either! We did a secret santa at work and I had to give something to the secretary which was really hard because she was always at her desk! I'm pretty sure she figured out it was me really quickly. I'm sure you will figure something out!


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