Packet pick-up day!!

To me packet pick up day is just as exciting as Christmas Eve and race day is like Christmas morning. The anticipation kills me.  Andrea and I just got back from picking up our packets, there wasn’t much at the expo but it was still lots of fun.

This is my race day outfit minus my running shoes and red pro compression socks, I was going to go as Where’s Wenda but I can’t seem to find anything and I would prefer not to spend any more money if I don’t have to.
This is what I have decided to include in my race bag:
  • Blue Nike sports bra
  • Lululemon headband
  • Pro compression socks, two pairs, one for after the race.
  • University of Utah sweats for before the run
  • Chomp blocks,  and chocolate mint GU
  • Body Glide for her
  • Red Livestrong shorts with built in spandex.
  • Running shoes, and shoes for after the race.
  • Oh yea and my Garmin forerunner 15

I have been packing most of the day today, Austin and I are moving into a two bedroom apartment at the first of the month.  I am super excited I found this really cute desk at target and I can’t wait to buy and put my office together to make it easier to study.  I am really excited to have a room were I can sit down at my desk and study and do my yoga and workouts in, without any distractions( the kitchen is right next to my living room and some mornings peanut butter toast wins).

My dogs have been nervous all day, like I am going to abandon them.  Every time I get a new box out and start filling it up with stuff their ears go back and they look at me, like they are pleading for me to just put the stuff back.

What race are you guys running in this weekend?

Any fun Halloween activities?

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