Food prep!!

This is my first week food prepping and it was funner than I thought it was going to be!  The weekly list includes:
  • Monday: Lunch: Asian salad with roasted carrots and a fruit mix.  Dinner: Spagetti squash with ground turkey and tomato sauce, served with green beans.
  • Tuesday: Lunch: Asian salad(Day 2), with sweet potatoes and an orange.  Dinner: Pork fajitas, rice.
  • Wednsday: Lunch: Rice, sweet potato, fruit bowl.  Dinner: Chicken, rice, and southwestern salad.
  • Thursday: Lunch: Southwestern salad, fruit mix and roasted carrots.  Dinner: Pork chops, rice and sweet potatos.
  • Friday: Lunch: Healthy choice frozen dinner(not the best thing but when there is nothing else) Fruit mix.  Dinner: Pizza 😉
  • Saturday: Lunch: Healthy choice and an apple.  Dinner: Possibly out to eat, or whatever seem yummy this night.
  • Breakfast:  I always eat one of two things for breakfast, either oatmeal with fruit or eggs with vegetables so whatever I have time for or feel like cooking usually wins.

*My fruit bowl this week is made up of pineapple, grapes, and strawberries.  Then I bought bananas, apples, and oranges.

It was really nice to take the time to pre cook my rice for the week and chop up all my veggies, then clean and compartmentalise my fruit so that it is ready to go.  I didn’t cook my meat up for the week because I am still a little unsure on how to store it once cooked and then how to re-heat it so that it still tastes yummy.
I like to keep stuff like chocolate chips, rice, beans, nuts/seeds, and legumes in mason jars so that they are easy to see and they are already scored along the side so I know how much I need or how much I already have.

Today is a rest day, even though I was busy for most of the day, I ran The Haunted half this weekend and it was a blast!  I will have a full race re-cap on Monday and there will be pictures.

I will also be posting my workout plan for the week and starting my thirty days of Jillian Michaels.  I also want to incorporate pilates in my day to day workouts as well.  I really want to increase the amount of strength work that I do so that I can be more efficent in burning fat and feel more aligned when I do my long runs, the biggest thing I learned from this weekend is that my strength training needs to increase drastically.

Anyone else have a fun Sunday prep night?

2 thoughts on “Food prep!!

  1. You should also be careful about storing cooked rice…it is actually one of the things that becomes unsafe the fastest (especially brown rice.) It should always go into the fridge ASAP too because it grows bacteria super fast at room temperature.Can't wait for your recap of the Haunted Half!


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