Race Re-Cap;-)

I always for get to pull my phone out at race time, I think its because I am freezing and doing anything other than keeping warm takes too much effort and thought, and it was freezing Saturday.  Thankfully Andrea, the person in almost all the photos, had a lot of fans so we were able to get a lot of pictures taken with out pulling our phones out mid race and angering(not sure if that’s a word?) the other runners.
I love these fire pits they bring the herd of runners together and the temperature change from within the herd to outside, by the bathrooms, was outstanding it felt like there was a ten degree difference from one spot to the next.  We ended up waiting at the start line for about an hour and a half, the buses left really early and the race started later in the day.  Start time was 8:45 a.m.. 

This isn’t a great picture, and I feel like I show my feet a lot on this blog, but right where my foot strikes there is a blister within a blister here.  The first blister developed when I went running down Big Cottonwood Canyon, then below that blister a much larger, much more painful blister developed it was early into the race as well.

I love this picture, it’s not very often where I take a posed picture and I don’t have one eye closed and my mouth gaping open.  The people in the photo are (from left to right), Andrea, myself, and Annie.  This was Annie’s first road half, she has done full’s and half’s before but she loves the trails so the road was new to her, she killed it finishing at what I believe was 1 hour and 59 minutes.  Mine and Andrea’s time was 2 hours and 12 minutes, I was hoping for a little faster but I didn’t really train for this it was a spur of the moment sort of thing and the goal when I signed up was to just have fun and we had tons of fun running together, Andrea is a great running buddy.  This was also Andreas very first Half Marathon and she did so good!!
Andrea’s mom was so fun she made us smile even though we were drenched in sweat and gasping for air!
I learned my lesson after the first two aide stations, and that was To Walk Through Them!! It is much worse to choke on water and then get a side ache than it is to take your time and walk through and enjoy the little break.  I should have brought my hydration belt, I usually don’t like them when the aide station are set up but we ended this race at roughly 11 a.m. on Saturday and it was an unusually warm day and even though I knew better I wore a long sleeve jacket that was black for the entire race.  I was on fire.  
Our splits were almost the exact opposite of doing a negative split.  One day I will take the great advice to not fly and die.
Mile 1: 8:54          Mile 8: 10:07
Mile 2: 9:04          Mile 9: 10:09
Mile 3: 9:19          Mile 10: 10:25
Mile 4: 9:09          Mile 11: 11:13
Mile 5: 9:49          Mile 12: 11:30
Mile 6: 10:13        Mile 13: 10:54
Mile 7: 9:38          Mile 0.28: 2:31            Total=2 hour and 12 minute
They ended this race with the very last of it having a steep incline for about .25 of a mile and then completely flat.  Also every one came around the corner feeling as though the shoot should be there but it wasn’t and then we passed the 13.18 marker on our Garmins, and it wasn’t just me everyone was looking at there GPS system with confusion.  Then we hit the 13.25 marker and people were mentally drained we tried to sprint it in but the shoot just always seemed to be around the corner, always, and it wasn’t until 13.28.  That doesn’t seem too dramatic but when you hit that 13.1 mentally you are done and then to go another  .18 with false hope of the end being near, it was painful!
This is my very first Race Re-Cap and I hope that I will have many more to add to my blog!!

2 thoughts on “Race Re-Cap;-)

  1. Awesome job!! I hate when races have uphills at the end! And what is it with courses being long? I feel like I have had that happen a few times lately and I don't think its just me/my watch because other runners had the same complaints!


  2. I feel the same way I could see every one looking at their watch thinking we should be done and then they would pick up speed to finish strong and then stop to look at their watch again when we weren't there yet.It was a really fun race though I am excited to start training for a full marathon for next year!


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