Weekly Articles

This is a little late in coming but some of the things I really enjoyed reading this week are listed below I hope the list grows as the school term comes to a close.

Running lawsuit, I read about this earlier in the week I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts regarding this article?
20 Things No One Tells You About Running, I had seen this on Facebook but it wasn’t until my co-worker Kim showed it to me that I really read through it, its really funny, and its a good read.
The Beaver, These are a few funny pictures that I thought would make some people laugh.
Public health, I am considering taking this route with my degree so I have been reading up on it all week.
Time-Saving tips, I especially like the one about wearing gym clothes that double as everyday clothes, this really does speak to my soul if I could wear my gym clothes all day everyday I would be an incredibly happy person.

And a picture, because whats a blog without a few pictures…

This picture is rough to see but it’s the rough draft for my meal prep, hopefully once I get better at meal ideas I will have better things to prep !
See you next Sunday with my weekly articles post!!

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