Pet peeves…

This post comes from a rather frustrating morning, and it is only 7:30 a.m. so we will dive in.

 These stinkers were up bright and early as well…
  1. Dogs that are determined to ruin your early morning workout and making it pointless, sort of, to wake up super early so that I can workout.  So this morning I had a poor attempt at Jillian Michael’s thirty day shred and then thirty minutes of efit Pilates ab burning work out.  If you have never tried one of these videos I highly recommend it you can find them on youtube.
  2. This is what decided the post title for this morning.  When Professors give you a zero on an assignment stating that they didn’t see where you contributed when your name is directly under the portion where you contributed.  This will probably bother me for the rest of the morning, I hate to see my grade drop over something that was overlooked.  I will be panicking until she reads my email and fixes the problem.
  3. This pet peeve takes me back to my race last weekend.  Snot Rockets!!  I know some times you just have to do what you have to do but my god be mindful, I can’t tell you how much snot I had to dodge this past weekend.  For the people who know me personally they know that I can’t handle almost any body fluid without getting sick, due to my C.N.A. years, but buggers and saliva are crossing the line.  I’m sure my face paled as the snot from the runner in front of me was inches away from hitting my leg!!

This even makes me queasy!!

What are some of your pet peeves?

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