Trail running, and a busy week !

I have had a crazy busy week!  Between packing and cleaning so that I can be moved out of my apartment by Monday, I have also had numerous assignments and project papers due this week.  My workouts have been fairly relaxed this week as my legs rest up a bit and my blister heals up some.
My workouts this week!!

  • Monday: Jillian Michaels, and Pilates for a total of 60 minutes
  • Tuesday: Jillian Michaels and Pilates with fifteen minutes of yoga total of 75 minutes
  • Wednsday: Three mile run and Jillian Michaels total of 60 minutes
  • Thursday: Jillian Michaels with some yoga 60 minutes
  • Friday: Three mile run and Pilates with Jillian Michaels 60 minutes
  • Saturday and Sunday are yet to be determined I will probably do Jillian Michaels and clean like a mad women and possibly a good trail run.

A check in on how my daily Jillian Michaels is going:

  1. It gets boring doing the same thing, this challenge may need to re-edited into just doing core work, whatever I like every day.  That way I can change it up if my routine gets a little mundane.

I went for a trail run today up Emigration canyon in Utah, it was so much fun! I went by myself for just a short three mile run, I have said this before but I will say it again trail running is harder than road running.  Mentally and Physically I find that the hills are much more sporatic and you have to use your stabalizing muscles more.

I have decided that this coming year I am going to focus on trail running marathons, I told myself that I was going to wait until I graduated to start up on marathon training again but I miss the endurance level that I had and I really want to try trail running races this next year!

I listend today to the online radio podcast from This American Life, Thanks to the recommendation from Don’t lose the trail, and I am hooked the first one I listed to was Episode 538: Is This Working? If you have never heard of this radio podcast before I highly recommend it.  Lately I have been getting sick of listening to my workout music repeatedly and this was an amazing alternative I was able to loose myself on the trail for thirty minutes and finish off the episode while driving back home.

What are some podcasts that you like to listen to?

Does anyone know of some really great trail running spots it Utah? 

Happy Halloween everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Trail running, and a busy week !

  1. I found trail running to be more difficult at first, ut once your muscles start to get stronger, it doesn't feel so difficult. I can definitely feel that the softer terrain is better on my joints and I think that the 360 range of motion for my hips (as opposed to just back and forth) is better on my body too. I love trail running! If you just slow down a bit you can run forever….


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