My Office!

My apartment has a fire place which I’m super exited to use on a snowy day.
Went for a five mile run Thursday morning at five o’clock.  I forget how scary running in the dark can be, then daylight savings hits and I’m jumping at shadows and checking over my shoulder….does any one want to wake up super early and run in the cold with me? You can warm up by my fireplace 😉

I love this bookshelf, I had to get ride of some out dated books. I am repeatedly  reminded of how awful moving this thing is.  Notice my lacrosse stick in the corner…. I love that lacrosse stick I may look into joining a women’s team this next year.

I have had this desk forever, and when I say for ever I mean since I was ten or so:-) 

These little stinkers are all over the place today the second I open my office door they dart in like I may be hiding treats in here or something!

And they would be right I do hide snacks in here, but they are my snacks, not that they would take that into account. 
I hope everyone is having an amazing day! I love Fridays it is a day that is all to myself.  P.s. Apple pie Lara bars are the greatest!
What’s your favorite granola bar/snack?

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