Grandeur peak trail run

Getting ready to run in 30 degree weather, and it turns out I needed way more gear than what I put on!
To get to this point it was .25(miles) of straight up hill on asphalt and my heart was racing from just walking to the trail head, and then I tuned towards the trail and there was an even bigger incline! 

One more picture of the trail head so I can catch my breath….

This was one of maybe two spots on my run that wasn’t technical or a steep incline.

And then I turned around and saw this and it just kept going higher and steeper:-) one of my goals for next year is to run the steeplechase in Utah and so hills, which I happen to suck at, are on the top of my list this season.  This was my first straight uphill trail run and it kicked my trash I made it one mile and turned around, which I love downhill, you have to start somewhere right? Here’s for hoping to make it to the top of grandeur peak this winter without having to stop and “take pictures”. 

When I got home I had these taped to my door 🙂 Andrea had to grab my hand to keep me from slow jogging across the finish line… I usually don’t buy the photos from my races but these ones made me laugh.  Doesn’t it always seem that the race photographer always gets the picture of you when your nearly in tears and the pain is all over your face?
One more thing has anyone ever heard of orange theory fitness?  I am going to try it out today I believe, I will post later with an update 🙂 ttyl have a great rest of your weekend!!!

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