Sunday fishing;-)

First things first 🙂 we finally got a kitchen table. It is small but it will be perfect for the two of us!  It’s the first time in a year that we have had an actual kitchen table.
Sunday we took the day off from moving and cleaning and decided to go up to soldier creek resivor and we fished all day. It was really fun, we took our dogs and they had five straight hours of freedom. They were in heaven:-).  Austin was catching fish left and right, and I unfortunately didn’t catch a single fish.

Austin’s second fish of the day, he caught four and my dad caught one:-)

It really was a beautiful day.

Next week is our five year anniversary, and it also happens to be Austin’s birthday! I’m still brain storming on what to surprise him with:-)
It was nice to take the day off from working out, and just relax.  
Today I woke up early to go for a run and it was snowing. I turned around and went back to sleep for an hour, I know I shouldn’t have but I am just not ready for running in the dark while it’s snowing.  I’m still getting used to running in the dark:-/.
Any tips on how to run in the dark?

Also how does one go about changing their foot strike?

Have a great Monday!

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