Treadmill workouts=Soul crushing boredom

This may be an exaggeration but I really feel just horrible while I am running on a treadmill, once I am done I feel amazing but keeping my mind occupied during the workout is rough:-/

I found this on Pinterest, it’s exactly how I feel I even count down in twenty second intervals until my run is over which usually lasts thirty minutes, which is all I can handle.  Some tips to help me on the treadmill are:
-Watch netflix
-Listen to This American Life
-And that’s all I got, if anyone has some ideas let me know. I am desperate!

My run today was a thirty minute interval run where the intervals would change every minute, the recovery minute was a 6 mph 1% incline then a 7.5 mph pace at a 4% incline then a one minute plank which I was happy to finish with only mild shaking fits!
I have school today after work so I won’t be able to fit in some strength training, but I will learn some fun things 🙂
And lastly….

This is a hook that up until last night Austin and I were panicking about because we thought Inca, my dog, ate on Sunday.  She didn’t get it, we found it on the carpet so whatever she was chomping on is a mystery to us:-/

What are some fun things you do on a treadmill to pass the time?

6 thoughts on “Treadmill workouts=Soul crushing boredom

  1. Thank heavens your dog did not eat that! I promise you the mill gets better. I used to put a towel over the display and could barely make 2 miles. Now my mill PR is 22 miles. You've gotta do what you gotta do! For me changing speed/incline is key. I watch a lot of Cupcake Wars. Haha!


  2. I am in total agreement about the treadmill – I don't think that's an exaggeration. Last winter before I went to Costa Rica then moved to California, the amount of ice on the sidewalks in Boston (and disgusting slush puddles when it did warm up a bit, and/or rained) finally forced me inside to the treadmill and I was MISERABLE.


  3. I can't stand running on the treadmill! I get so bored and feel like I run so much slower! I like to look at other people working out (creepy right?) but the only thing in front of the treadmills at my gym are a few bikes, so its not very exciting. I haven't been on a treadmill since March and I am not looking forward to having to get back on one!


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