Three layers for running

This morning I got up at 4:45 a.m. to run three easy miles, I’m starting to see a pattern and I need to break it three miles is really my comfort zone and I have no clue why.  Whenever I am tired I revert back to three miles and call it good. It was 27 degrees this morning when I woke up. Which is cold but it’s not as cold as it’s going to get so I am trying to perfect my cold weather gear. (It’s hard to look good before five 😉 )

In this picture I am wearing:
  •  A Brooks ear warmer it’s almost time for a new one I trained for my marathon with this sucker and it works great.
  •  I have my Walmart $1 dollar fleece gloves on.
  •  Mizunos base wear.
  •  Purple trek gear long sleeve shirt and vest.  
  • My pants were just some standard studio pants, I believe they are from target, I have had them for such a long time that the name has worn off and I can’t recall what brand they are.  They are super cozy though and always keep me warm during Winter running.

I just recently downloaded the stitcher app, my This American Life app keeps crashing and I have a coworker that told me how to find stitcher and it has been amazing.  There are so many different episodes and it finds shows that I would like based on what I have already listened too.  It doesn’t help me run any faster but in this off season I think that is good, I am just running to keep my base level up, not for speed, training won’t start for me for another month I think.  Depends on how the next couple of weeks go. More on that later 🙂 
Happy Thursday this is my Friday as far as work is concerned! 

Any cold weather running gear that you absolutely love? 

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