Monday runday!

I woke up at five a.m. this morning to get six miles in on the treadmill, it is 18 degrees here and I have to add a few more things to my warm running gear so that it’s safe to run on the black ice at five a.m..  So I head out the door to the fitness center that my apartment complex has and it’s locked, no big deal I will just use my utility key they gave me for this door.  It doesn’t work.  Up at five a.m. for nothing.  So I am going to post early this morning and then get ready for work.
I am loving this series on Stitcher, I was planning on listening to this on the treadmill but that isn’t going to happen.  I might be in a grumpy mood this morning, I hate when my plans don’t work out.

I bought this shirt the other day, it was on sell at sports authority.  I  love it, it’s super comfy and doesn’t make me feel like a stuffed sausage.  I wore it to Orange theory fitness on Friday.  If you haven’t tried Orange theory yet I highly recommend it.  It is Monday and I am still sore, I will be going back very soon.

Yesterday I wrote my service project paper and a discussion post and then we went to my grandmas to watch Nascar, I have no interest in Nascar but when your 92 year old grandma asks you to come watch the last Nascar race of the season with her, you go.  So five hours later and four pieces of square cut pizza later I feel like I need to workout for a good hour or more.  The pizza about doesn’t look that large but rest assured it is a 26″ fifty dollar pizza.
Did anyone have a fun weekend?

Who ran in Las Vegas this week end with Rock ‘n’ Roll?

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