Treadmill Hill Intervals and Jillian michaels

Last night when I got home I went over to my leasing office and it turns out their key maker had a dull blade over the summer and the key they gave me wasn’t cut down far enough so they switched keys for me :-).  After that I did Jillian Michael’s Six Week Six Pack, the level two is my favorite.  I know she has a system for DVD’s, saying you should start at level one for three weeks and then move up to level two, but level one just doesn’t do it for me.  While I was working out I started to think about all the other Jillian Michaels DVD’s out there and I was wondering if anyone has heard of the Banish fat, Boost metabolism one?  If so what to do you think?

I found this picture off of ifunny I may have to make it into a motivational poster or something 😉

The infamous treadmill, after running on orange theory fitness’s treadmill this poor old thing just doesn’t compare.  If ever there was a treadmill that I would fall in love with it would be the ones at Orange Theory.

On todays running agenda I decided to go at a really slow pace and do hard hill intervals.
Tuesday Workout: 5.0-6.0 MPH which is roughly a twelve to ten minute mile, like I said slow but with hills you have to go according to exertion and not pace.  As long as you are putting in the same amount of effort and your heart rate stays in the appropriate range.
The Hill repeats were in one minute intervals and the lowest incline was 2% and the max incline was 8%, which is pretty tough for me.
I remember reading somewhere that if you train primarily on an incline that it will increase your speed.  I will have to do some digging so that I can show you guys that article, it was a really fascinating article.

Now time for breakfast!  I like to drink at least half of my protein shake before I work out in the morning, especially because I usually eat dinner early then go to bed around 9 or so and I feel like if I don’t drink at least half of it then my blood sugar is too low.  I have been slacking though and thats probably why my morning runs have been lacking a little oomph!  My protein shake consists of the 365 brand of almond milk from whole foods, Garden of life protein powder and usually an apple pie LaraBar, I am trying to branch out and try different flavors but the apple pie one is my favorite by far! 

What was your morning workout?

Anyone reading any great books at the moment?

For Protein supplements for or against them?

One more…Has anyone ever tried Squaw bread? I know they are thinking about changing the name of it, any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Treadmill Hill Intervals and Jillian michaels

  1. Hey! I came across your blog from HRG. Great post! I've been meaning to try LARA bars are they really good or just \”ok\”? I've never tried Squaw bread but I'm doing Paleo right now so that probably won't happen for a while anyway


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