Slow Friday’s and Hill Repeats

Today has been going very slow for me, these type of day’s are the worst if I can’t find something to occupy my mind then I usually raid the fridge which makes me feel horrible, so for today I am going to help my grandmother with her laundry and do hill repeats, attempt to do hill repeats.

Those shoes are my favorite but it’s really time to chuck them, I’m just having separation anxiety when I run in different shoes! 
-I attempted to do hill repeats, the hill wasn’t too steep but for me it was just as difficult.  I only made it a mile so I will jump on the treadmill and get in a good run later tonight.

I drove quite a distance for my one mile hill repeat today.  Austin and I, when we lived in Herriman’ would run up bluff-dale canyon during the winter months because we could take our dogs. (Due to the fact that they completely block off cars from entering). 

 Now that I don’t smell like a dirty gym bag I can go wash my Grandmas dirty underwear!  😉 We have lots of fun, she is really sassy for a 92 year old, and she still lives by herself!

-This article is on Mastering Hill Workouts, from Runners World, on why it’s so important to get your hill training in.
It’s the same with running. If we want to get stronger and faster, we must increase the force requirements of our workout. Tempo runs, time trials and fast reps on the track are good, but they don’t generate maximum force. Hills do.

“Running up hills forces the knees to lift higher, one of the most desirable developments for any runner, because this governs stride speed and length,” wrote Lydiard (with Garth Gilmour) in his book Running With Lydiard. “It also develops the muscle fibers, increasing power.”

Running Hills is my primary off season goal, I don’t have to go far or fast, but I do need to run hills until training starts back up so that by the time I start I am able to incorporate hills into my training and not be set back to far in my mileage.

How do you conquer hills?
Any Utah readers who know where good hills are for repeats?
Who is craving a structured training schedule?

4 thoughts on “Slow Friday’s and Hill Repeats

  1. Nice post! I'm from Florida so hill repeats is a challenge…most people run the bridges or stairwells. There are a few parks that have man made hills but I have not been very diligent with hill training 😦 It's awesome that you are working on it though!


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