Saturday splurge and a sick puppy

This is how Inca (my younger dog) and I spent the night last night about every hour to the half hour she had to go down stairs to poop.  Her little stomach was so upset.  The one time I actually fell asleep last night I woke up to a mess on the ground.  It was rough to say the least…
I am really excited to dig into this book I have heard really good things about it !! This addition of runners magazine is really good I would suggest everyone read it, it truly is inspiring and they did a really amazing theme for the cover.

Short post for today it’s raining and I have a ten mile run planned for tomorrow afternoon with Annie, I’m super excited, I hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Has anyone read the book Run and Eat ? What are your thoughts?

What workouts do you have planned for the day?

2 thoughts on “Saturday splurge and a sick puppy

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