4:30 am workout, making time!

It is kinda scary walking out your front door at 4:30 in the morning to go running by yourself, luckily the fitness center at my apartment is just across the sidewalk!
I only turned one light switch on it is hard to have so much light that early in the morning… or I was just being lazy and couldn’t find the second light switch ;).
This treadmill is hard to run on, you can tell that they have had it for a very long time.  It’s free though and it works when running around the neighborhood in the cold and in the dark is my other option.
Post workout, a close up wouldn’t have worked I was far too sweaty and my hand kept slipping over the camera button. 
My workout for the day was just a thirty minute run starting at 5.5 and than increasing the speed by .5 every five minutes for a total of 3.3 miles, the last five minutes I start to bring the speed back down to work as my cool down.  These kind of intervals are how I keep my mind occupied while running on a treadmill, I was also listening to a podcast on sticher from Everyday Paleo I am not sure where I stand yet on this according to them long distance running is bad :/ my first hiccup, I love long distance and hate sprints.  Thats just one persons opinion though so I will continue my research on the Paleo diet.  At  Fitting-it-all-in there is a post on 0.99 cent Paleo books that I will be checking out later today!
This made me smile 🙂
Any good workouts this morning?

Are you a Morning or Afternoon workout kinda person?

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