Starting Paleo?

You know those runs you have with a friend where one minute you are talking about the infamous “runners trots” and then with out skipping a beat you are talking about nutrition and diets?

This happened to me on Sunday when Annie and I went on a ten mile run through downtown SLC, If you have ever been to Salt Lake City you know that the down town area is nothing but hills, it was a really challenging but rewarding ten miles.

At about mile 8.5 I looked over at Annie and my stomach was killing me, so much so that I thought we were going to have to stop at a house or gas station.  I drank some water and ate some of my Honey Stinger Orange Blossom Chews, these are the best ones by far, and we started up again. Annie started to tell me how she used to have the exact same problems during her work weeks, and especially on her workouts where she would be just fine and then all the sudden her stomach would be on fire and the all consuming thought of oh no I am going to Sh** my pants if I don’t find a spot ASAP.  She proceeded on by saying going to a Paleo diet has helped her overcome her many GI problems and that I having similar issues should give it a try.

I still have a lot of research to do but I think I am going to try something, waking up with stomach issues every morning is getting old.  It seems that I am always fighting some sort of stomach pain through out the day.
Another great thing that happened on Sunday!!  I got thirty cents off of gas from Smith’s gas stations!  I love shopping there for that reason!
Thoughts on Paleo?

Any good websites on reliable Paleo information? Pros and Cons both welcomed!

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