New things! And holidays…

Austin and I went to Trader Joe’s today and picked up some new coffee to try, I go in and out of coffee periods I want it every day all day for months and then I wont have any for months.  Keeps life exciting ;).  

I have to say that I am pretty ashamed to say that I was among the crowd of people who did the whole Black Friday thing, but our vacuum broke and Kohl’s had a deal on this Dyson Origin so we bought one, it’s a $450.00 vacuum and with the $75.00 Kohl’s cash we got it ended up being $200.00 which is a lot for a vacuum but I have two dogs with white hair who shed constantly so it is worth the splurge!

I also had to get new running shoes for the Winter.  I have been told by numerous people that if you buy trail running shoes for the winter it will help you with traction and potentially keep you from falling during the season.  I picked the Brooks Cascadias which I love and since I plan to train mainly on the trails this next season I figure they will work out perfectly.

I have decided to start the Whole 30 diet, I was a little worried that it was too much like the Atkins diet but the more I looked into it and read up about it I like the idea that you can do thirty days and then follow the program 90% of the time and the things that you find are important in your diet you can add them in.  My running partner Annie did a similar thing and was the one to mention it to me and we have had a lot of the same stomach issues, so here is being hopeful that this will help my stomach calm down.
It’s a lot like the Paleo diet which I have discussed on here but it doesn’t have the excessive amount of protein rule and there are few things it adds that the Paleo diet doesn’t.  I am on day two and am feeling great so far.  Here is for a hopeful thirty days.  I will keep you posted!
Thoughts on the Whole30 diet?

Hybrid runs (half trail, half road), all in trail shoes yes or no?  Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “New things! And holidays…

  1. The Whole30 diet seems interesting. I do Paleo 80/20 so I pretty much encompass the Whole30 minus the snap peas etc. I've never done trail running…I'm worried that unsteady trails might put me at risk for injury.


  2. I was worried about that at first also, but I really really enjoy being on the trails so I just go slow and enjoy my time out there :). I am excited about the Whole 30 it's day three for me and I am really starting to feel better already.


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