Monday runday #2

This morning I had a cold three mile run to get through:-) it turned out to be great but getting up early sucked…
I tried to lay down for a bit and got light headed and took a picture, I sweat like crazy even when it is freezing outside.

So funny story. After my run I was walking back to my apartment and I was walking along the sidewalk I made a left turn and up three flights of stairs, went to open the door and it was locked!! I was at the wrong apartment, I hadn’t been paying attention and turned left too soon. I am more than happy that, that door was lock, what if it had been unlocked and that poor family was in there doing god know what and this sweaty red faced girl just barges into their home!! My god!  I fretted over that all day…
-hope you are having an amazing day!
Have you ever done something where you were absolutely embarrassed ? What was it?

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