Busy Weeks!!

Do you every have those weeks where you head is spinning a million miles an hour and you try to organize all the things you have to do but end up spending all your free time trying to “organize” and don’t actually get anything done.  That is this week for me.  I have a group project to present today at the University of Utah and the class is primarily online so it has been hard, to say the least, to get everyone on the same page and to get our power-point put together.  I don’t mind group projects but they work easier when we actually get to see each other on a regular basis.

Our topic…Increasing the amount of Physical activity in the population, my population was the Geriatric community.  It was fun.  I was able to find lots of fun pictures of the Geriatric community playing the Wii 🙂

I love that ladies face, and I did use this picture in my power point!!
This is the little gym at my apartment complex, it’s not much but it is free(well $900.00 a month for the apartment so I guess it’s not completely free).  
I am considering getting a gym membership to Gold’s Gym but they have recently been bought over by a company named Vasa and some people I work with aren’t loving the changes that they are making.  I will have to start the search process over again.
Any thoughts on Vasa gym? Has anyone tried it or are they a new company?

4 thoughts on “Busy Weeks!!

  1. Yep, I feel like whenever I try to organize and get my stuff together I waste most of my time planning and not actually doing haha. I'm a member of Golds, and I had no clue about the switch over to Vasa. Hopefully it'll be a good one! The picture of the old people is too cute 🙂


  2. I did my master's degree online and I was always really annoyed when we had to collaborate on things. The students were far flung – all over the world – and while that made for awesome perspectives/interactions on the discussion boards, it was really difficult to coordinate working together on a project.


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