Running by feel..

I have read numerous of times that running without a Garmin/ or timing device it really liberating, I didn’t realize how liberating until Saturday afternoon.  Andrea and I went up Big Cottonwood Canyon to do an easy 7-8 miles depending on how she felt and right as we were about to park the clouds came rolling in and my watch wouldn’t connect so I decided to just run and not worry if we ended on a rounded number or what pace I was going.  We just ran what felt easy.  It was amazing, I highly recommend people try it at least once a week or so, just find a trail or path that you already know the distance of and run whatever pace feels comfortable and go as far as your body feels is comfortable.

These photos were from a couple months ago but this is what I would rather be doing instead of binge watching Gilmore Girls, and American Horror Story on Netflix.  Look at that beard!  It is still going strong!
Speaking of Netflix, I have found that if I watch Netflix on the treadmill it actually makes running on the thing bearable, so on those mornings where I am crunched for time and don’t want to freeze you can find me on the treadmill watching Gilmore Girls,  I am obsessed and there are seven seasons with roughly twenty episodes a season so I will be set for a good amount of time!
One more picture from our summer vacation…I love warm weather and Austin loves the cold weather, if it were up to me we would move somewhere where it was warm all year round.
Favorite series on Netflix?

Running without a Garmin, Thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Running by feel..

  1. I have been running without any technology for weeks now and it has been really good for me mentally. Once I start training for my 50 miler in January I plan to become BFFs with my Garmin Fenix again because I really should be more serious about tracking my training progress if I want to be fully prepared for the race, but for the past few weeks, leaving it at home has been really working for me.I finished Gilmore Girls yesterday and cried my eyes out. It's been raining here non stop for like weeks so it was a good excuse to park on the couch and binge watch it. I forgot how insufferable Rory gets toward the end, but Lauren Graham as Lorelai is just so, so good.


  2. I am the same way, I always tend to look at my pace at least four or five times a mile and when I am running with someone I think it tends to make them feel like they are slowing me down which isn't the case at all I am just obsessive like that :).


  3. I did some running without a garmin over the summer and it was nice! Lately I haven't been looking at my pace (actually my gps has been all over the place anyway) but i am using it more for the heart rate feature. I think its a really good idea for people to run without a garmin once in a while!


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