Four mile run…outside!

Today I was getting dressed to run on the treadmill and remembered that the tenth episode of Serial was on Stitcher and it was decided, I was running outside. I love Serial, if you haven’t heard of it I highly recommend it.  It is a tad bit controversial but the woman who narrates the podcast is fun to listen to and it keeps my mind busy.
I need to invest on some better reflective gear.  I will have to throw it on my Christmas list!
Not my fastest four miles but it was really nice to be outside running and breathing in the fresh air before work started today.
I always have a hard time with left and right after, or during a run.  It’s like my sense of direction just completely shuts off.  I like to wear compression socks after I run in the morning, during marathon training, especially since I have a desk job it helps my sore muscles and speeds up my recovery, so I think anyways.
I hate how in college they give you assignments to express your creativity, this is as good as it gets as far as my artistic abilities go and it was rough to think up this… I may have to take up Austins’ mom’s offer on craft night!  
Favorite podcast to listen to?

Yes or No to compression stockings? 

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