Monday Runday #3

Today I am kicking off my Marathon training for the Salt Lake City Marathon!! There is nothing like starting a new training cycle!

It got me thinking that I should prepare properly to get the most out of this coming race season.  So I have made a rough draft list of all the races I would potentially like to accomplish this year!
Race List:

  • SLC marathon= April 18th
  • Ogden Marathon= May 16th
  • Revel Big Cottonwood Half or Full (depending if Andrea want’s to run)= TBA
  • Red Mountain Half (trail)= March 7th
  • Canyonlands half (trail)= March 21st
  • Wasatch Steeplechase= TBA (trail and run)
  • Rock cliff Triathalon at Jordanelle (sprint)= June 13th
  • And then if I like the sprint I want to do one or two more ?

I want to incorporate more trail races into this rough draft schedule but it’s too early to tell when the Park City ones are going to happen, so when they are posted I will look more into those.  Also there are the National park races, like Yellowstone half and Grand Canyons that I really want to do so if the money plays out right I will be headed to Montana and Arizona!!

All the choices, I wish I had an endless supply of money so that I can just run in all the races!!

My workouts for Week 1 of my 19-20 week training program:
Monday: Three miles/ speed work
Tuesday: Four miles
Wednesday: Four miles
Thursday: XT=Cross training
Friday: Three miles
Saturday: Six miles
Sunday: XT
*My cross training activities consist of spinning, swimming and Jillian Michaels, and if I ever do commit to an actual gym membership I will do some Body Pump classes and Pilates.
* Also on my cross training and long run days I will be doing Yoga, my go to home yoga website is, she also goes by the Bad Yogi and she is super fun.  Her yoga channel was my very first introduction to yoga.

Any good races that I must look into?

When are you starting you Marathon training?

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