Early morning Pilates :-)

This morning instead of busting out some Jillian Michael’s, which is my normal routine, I looked up a nice thirty minute Pilates video on YouTube.  It was nice, it’s been a while since I have done Pilates and every time I get back into it I wonder why I ever stopped doing it!
I think it is time for a desk/chair upgrade, but there are just so many other things that I want to spend my money on first ;).
Getting up at 4:30 a.m. makes getting out of pajamas and into workout clothes  different pajamas very difficult, so I took a picture to remember it by!

I want this bad…I have been lusting over it for some time but have promised that I wont impulse buy anything until after the holidays so that I don’t buy something that someone has already bought as a gift!
I really like that this bracelet could not only be motivating during my long runs, but also through out my day-to-day life.

What have you been lusting over lately, any good websites for runners?

Have an amazing Thursday, for me at work today is a Friday?
-Shout out to Kim if your reading 😉 this is by far the second best day of the week! Next to Friday!

4 thoughts on “Early morning Pilates :-)

  1. Honestly the big thing I am trying to keep myself from spending money on right now is another tattoo. I've got the itch bad and I keep telling myself it could be my \”Christmas present\” to me…but they're so expensive and I should probably wait until I have a job to spend more money on tattoos!


  2. I feel ya, there is a sunflower tattoo that I want my friend to do for me but it will be pretty big so I am trying to save up for it, unfortunately every time I save up enough I end up finding something else to buy and it's just a vicious cycle…Also I love giving myself \”Christmas presents\”!


  3. WHOOP WHOOP!! LOVE THIS DAY or night for me 😉 Have a great couple weeks!! I'll respond to the lusting question, the thing I want is a freaking garmin watch or something easier to track my workouts with, especially one for the water. I think that would be awesome to actually see how many calories I can lose when lap swimming. lol


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