Speed work… Enough said

So over the weekend I decided that I wanted the Brooks Ghosts instead of their Cascadias, just because trail running season is coming to a close and I am going to use yak traks with my road shoes if it becomes an issue over the winter.  Or I will be on a treadmill so I switched!
Impressive side view!
Annie and I did some speed work at the University of Utah track today after work…. I can truly appreciate how hard speed work is, but it is always better with a friend.
Our speed work routine:
  • 800’s x1 fast, x1 recovery.  x2.
  • 400’s x1 fast, x1 recover.   x2.
  • One last recovery lap for a total of four speed work miles.

*That was hard, but I am excited to see how I improve over the next few months!

We decided that Wednesday is speed work day!
Today is late in coming and short and sweet but I thought I would share my speed work and see if anyone had any speed work routines that they absolutely love!
Whats your speed work routine?
Are you a solo runner or do you love to run with a person/group?
-I like to run with people, it helps my mental game!

2 thoughts on “Speed work… Enough said

  1. I've never done any serious speed work because I generally focus on distance, but I have recently read how speedwork can be beneficial for endurance runners as well so I think I will try to incorporate it into my routine as I train for American River 50. I am interested in doing some Yasso 800s.


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