Saturday long runs!

Today’s run was really good until I hit my three mile mark and had to turn around and come back! I ended up doing the exact opposite of a negative split…this is a constant problem for me I start out really fresh and go super fast and then on the return I am jogging so slow I can practically call it fast walking.
And to make matters worse, it began to snow/rain on the way back so = the slowest part of my run was also the coldest part!
I love the Wasatch mountains. if I can pull it off I would run all my runs along/in these mountains!
I have never been a great picture taker…. but here is my face if you are so inclined to look at it 😉
We call this Incas(my dog) Cone of SHAME, we got it for Honey when she hurt her leg but they can’t stand to be in it.  So whenever they are getting extra rowdy we put the Cone of Shame on them and they sit and stare at us like this until we stop laughing and take it off of them:).
My families gift to my Grandmother is a handful of picture of all of us together.  These are my sisters Aubrie is on the left, Jessica is in the middle and then there is me!
I have finals week next week and am very nervous for some reason but thankfully I have the whole week off from work so I will be able to stay at the library and dedicate an appropriate amount of time to studying and reviewing for the week!
What are you doing this Saturday?

Any creative gift ideas for the family?

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