Finals week with (some) running!

Like a plague finals week comes and I am inevitably sick, it is always a head cold, and always the day prior to finals week.  I have been told that I can blame of the stress of it all.  The only thing is I don’t feel horribly stressed, not this semester anyways. 
My arsenal contains Ricola cough drops (thank you Jana for introducing me to them!).  I always neglect drinking water when I get sick so I am making it a point to drink lots of water, take my vitamin, and even though I feel sick go for a run.  Maybe I will sweat out the toxins?
I am on my 17th day of the Whole thirty challenge and only had one slip up that wasn’t my fault I asked for no sauce but it tasted like there was sauce, and the next morning it was confirmed I was sick all morning.  I only have thirteen more days but I am considering doing a couple extra days.  I have been feeling really good for the most part, now that I am sick I am craving comfort foods so that plus finals this week may be pretty rough.  So far I have lost six pounds without even trying to loose weight.  I think the lack of binge eating bad foods, and reducing carbs is to blame;).
I found this on iFunny, I love that app especially when I am sick and bored it is nice to have something to look at to make me laugh!
My workouts for the week:
  • Monday=3 miles
  • Tuesday=5 miles
  • Wednesday=3 miles
  • Thursday=3 miles
  • Friday=XT
  • Saturday=7 miles
  • Sunday=XT

This may change slightly because I am sick and because it’s finals week, but check back later and I will have helpful tips that got me through such a busy week.

Any tips to get through finals & get your workout in?

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