Girls Run Fast!

As some of you may have noticed I have a new logo on my blog!  I have recently been added to the Girls Run Fast team!
They have all sorts of cute things on their website and it’s not just for runners.  There are things for Yoga lovers, horseback riders, triathletes, swimmers, bikers, etc… It’s lot of fun they also have a visor and t-shirt that are super cute! 

I looked through their website and some of the things that I am loving are the running necklace and…
Their Yoga necklace!  Like I said they have multiple cute things but these were the two things that really stuck out for me.  They are cute huh?
The website again is, you should check them out and see if there is anything that you love!
Yesterday I decided to take a break since I am feeling sick, so I didn’t run.  I attempted to run on my apartments treadmill but when I got up there I noticed there was a tear in the belt, and I didn’t know for sure if that was dangerous or not so I jumped off, it also made this horrible noise and I was not dealing with that on top of everything else so I bailed.
The plan for today it to take my medicine with me to the University and in between studying and taking finals I am going to workout at our new Spencer Eccles student building!  I am excited to see what there new gym looks like!
Any fun plans for the week?

Whats your workout plans for the day?

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