The end of finals week + the end of the flu week!

My believe journal cam in the mail yesterday right in the middle of my “study session” and I was distracted for an hour!  The hardest thing about buying things online is the anticipation… It was a long day and every time I thought I heard someone walk up towards our door I opened it and peered out.
It was even signed by Laura Fleshman !
I wasn’t expecting all the extra stuff in the journal, but it actually has quite a few helpful bits, and a quiz I am so excited to dive into it!
I have been sick this week, aka finals week, I always seem to get some sort of head cold when finals comes around…I must be allergic or something?  So in between studiying I watched  binged on Gilmore girls and unfortunately broke my Whole 30 challenge, I had soup and a doughnut but I was feeling awful and my boyfriend talked me into one( and by talked me into one, he ate his in front of me so I decided to have one).  After the twenty days though I was really starting to feel better, so after this week I am going to write a re-cap and then begin fresh with a new thirty days and see if I can get back on track.
I really do adore this show, I was so bummed that it ended.  It’s like when I would read a book when I was younger, I would be so heart broken that my family away from my family would be over…a piece of me was missing…I was am very dramatic, ask anyone who knows me ;).
And now that finals are over I leave you with this profanity, sorry if I offend anyone, and I am going to try to make some money off my text books so that I can pay for next semesters textbooks!  Its a vicious cycle!
Any fun weekend plans?
What else is good on Netflix?  There are always so many options.

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