Short work weeks !

It is truly winter now so early morning runs, like 4:30 a.m., are no longer safe.  Which is ok I have a very convenient gym at work and for the days that I cross train I will be at Vasa fitness.  That was Austins and my deal, that until the snow finally fell and stuck to the ground we would attempt to run outside and then once it snowed hard enough we would get out gym pass and only keep it until the snow melted and it was safe to run outside again.  I would much rather pick my battles and run primarily on the treadmill and avoid the risk of falling and getting hurt. 
I planned on running before work today but my stomach is hurting quite a bit so I am going to wait until after work and run four miles on the treadmill, and I have to find a new series to watch on Netflix.
Run down of last weeks workouts:
Monday: four miles on treadmill
Tuesday: I was supposed to run five but did four because I ran out of time.
Wednesday: was a cross/rest day
Thursday: three mile run (speed work)
Friday: cross/rest day, I went for a walk with the dogs.
Saturday: Eight mile run outside, it was a really good run.
Sunday: I had planned three miles but I decided to hang out with the family instead.
Total miles: 19/23 (planned), which I feel good about, It was Christmas week and pretty busy after all.
Sunday was a pretty busy for me.  Austin and I woke up and made breakfast, then met up with my dad at the dog park to walk roughly a mile around the track, and then we hid from the wind while the dogs played together and ran around.  After that we went to go see Wild.  This was such an amazing movie, it was a little graphic, I generally don’t mind but my Dad was sitting right next to me so it was just slightly awkward.  I really enjoyed this movie, I cried at least two or three times, it is very relate-able and inspiring.
Then later that evening we went to The Pie for Austins oldest sisters surprise birthday party.  It was lots of fun and there were two adorable babies there and Austins nieces are always so fun to hang out with. 
This week I only work Monday and Tuesday and then I have the rest of the week off until Monday of next week so I am super excited and I have no excuses to get in all of my miles this week!  My goal for this week is to complete all of my miles for the week, which is 24 miles, not impossible but more than I have been used to for a while.
I hope you have an amazing weekend!
Have you seen Wild?  What do you think?

What are your New Years Eve and Day plans?

4 thoughts on “Short work weeks !

  1. New Years Eve I'm doing a hiking trail in the morning (if all goes as planned), then church in the evening and then back to my parents house for a NYE gathering and count in the new year. On New Years Day I have a run scheduled with a local (in Jamaica) running group 🙂


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