A look back at 2014

This is the first link up that I have ever done, Tuesdays on the run, I wanted to get in on it because I love reading about how peoples years went and all the fun, or trying experiences they had, and some of the highlights of their year!  Plus it will be fun to look back on this post and see how far I have come.

This was The Haunted Half that I ran with Annie and Andrea.  This was by far my favorite race of the year 🙂 I ran it with some friends from work and I hit my PR this race which wasn’t hard because my previous Half marathon was miserable.  My time was 2:12 not super speedy but I was really happy with it.  Especially because this race was a spur of the moment race.
The first race I ran this year was the Moonlight Half Marathon, it is very self explanatory, 13.1 and the goal was to finish at midnight.  I had no one to run with, timing devices weren’t allowed and it was dark and lonely and mentally I broke down.  I finished roughly at 3:30, Austin was getting really nervous because we had anticipated a 1:50-2:30 half depending on how I felt.  I also didn’t know how to eat for a race that was at the end of the day, and I do not stay up late at all, my bedtime is usually around 9-9:30 I am much more of a morning person.
This is more for going into next year but I was accepted into the Nuunbassador program this year and I am excited to be apart of the #nuunlove team!
I was also able to get accepted into the Girls run Fast Ambassador team and I am really excited to see what this partnership brings!
I also ran a handful of 5k’s, for the longest time this was my favorite distance.  I think that is why when I am being lazy and I don’t want to follow through with my long runs I default back to three miles!  My PR for the Riverton Hospital family 5k was 28 minutes, not the fastest I have ever run a 5k but my PR for that involved a seven mile run down Big Cottonwood canyon and that was a really steep decline!
I hope you all have enjoyed 2014!

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