Early morning yoga and my new mat

It is really getting cold! I know that I probably sound like a broken record, but I miss the heat and as soon as I adjust to the cold it get even colder :-/.  Oh well the treadmill is growing on me, slightly.
I used my brand new yoga mat today. Lululemons yoga mats usually have a smell so I have been airing mine out for the last couple of days. I am excited to get back into a yoga studio, I have just been doing small stuff at home, erinmotz.com is an amazing place to find really good yoga challenges and she is a great instructor, but there is something about sharing a yoga class with twenty other people it’s one of my favorite things.  One of my goals for this training cycle is to do more yoga so I don’t loose my flexibility and balance!
Here is a little shot from the yoga video.  She goes by The bad yogi or just her name Erin motz, I really recommend checking her website out if you like yoga, her thirty day challenge is what got me hooked to yoga :-).
Later today I will run four miles and then get some things ready for New Years!  I hope everyone has an amazing year, I know I have!  This is the last post of this year!
Have a great day!

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