New year resolutions ?

Lunch today was some potato soup, and this is why I can’t have people over.  At one point Inca (the one on the couch) tried too lick my mouth to try and get some food.  Then she proceeded to whine because I told her no and ate my soup without looking at her.
I didn’t have to work today but they have a pretty low key gym and it is only five minutes away, so I lifted some weights and ran three miles.  My first run of the New Year!  I went nice and slow which felt really good.
Have you ever had one of those post workout days where you go into the locker room to grab your bag and you look like a hot mess, I had one of those days today :).
I did my Jillian Michaels Six Week Six Pack today with these puppys on my legs, an added 5 pounds= Making it seventeen minutes into the video.  That was really hard but I definitely felt the burn!
I keep getting asked if I have decided what my goals are for the new year.  There are the obvious ones like being kinder to myself and working on progressing and following through with my plans.  I want to focus on my one major goal this year and that is:
1.) To keep setting goals.  There was a time period in my life where my only goal was to make it through college and get my degree regardless of what my personal health and life went through.  Being active and keeping a strong focus on my health and the health of my relationships helps me get through the really stressful periods of my life. I would hate to set goals that life gets in the way of and then feel as if I need to jeopardize my personal relationships in order to achieve them. -So with that said I do wish to run in more than five races this year, which is big for me. -I also want to focus on trail running, I really enjoy it and it helps me feel a little bit more centered.  -I want to do more yoga.  -And last but hopefully not least I want to help the people around me to reach their health/fitness goals and use my love for fitness to help people get inspired.
What are some of your goals for the New Year?

2 thoughts on “New year resolutions ?

  1. OMG crazy dogs! I love it! I'm a pretty crappy goal setter and I blame being disorganized for that. I set some loose ones for 2014 and was pretty successful reaching them. 2015 is all about surviving my first tri. I can't think beyond that. Haha!


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