Ten mile run and winter essentials

First thing this morning I woke up and attempted to “organize” my book shelf.  I have seen people organize their book shelfs by color and I thought it looked really neat.  It didn’t turn out the same with mine but at least I cleaned out some of the junk and semi organized it.  I used to have twice the amount of books but I had to donate some and I have let people barrow some that they haven’t returned, you know who you are;). 
I have been debating on getting this sunflower tattoo on my thigh, one of my fondest memories of my mother are when she would take us out as kids to pick the sunflowers.  I was also trying to think of a way to incorporate a quote to represent my mom by ” To be your Ray of sunshine when there is nothing else”  my mothers name is Raelyn, and she went by Ray.  November was the two year anniversary of her passing and I would love to get something like this to remember her by.
10.01 mi
10:22 min/mi
Avg Pace
1,136 C
246 ft
Elev Gain
0.0 °F
Avg Temp
This came from my Garmin, I ran ten miles yesterday and it felt amazing.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it because my legs were so sore but I just took my time and reminded myself that I don’t have to be running fast to get in a great run.  I often have to remind myself that it does a body good to slow down, to do 100% effort 100% of the time can wear your body out and end up leading to injury.  So I took a deep breath, or tried to the air here in Utah has been bad, and slowed down.  I didn’t push myself to my limit but I had a fun run by myself and just let my body decide the pace if I felt like I could go faster I did, if I started to get a side stitch then I slowed down and took a drink of water.  It was a really fun run, It was a run where I went from Point A to B with out an out and back or looping in a circle that is my favorite way to run.  It makes you realize how far ten miles actually is though :).
Some of the essentials that I brought along with me on my run are Honey stinger Orange Blossom Energy Chews*, and Nuun lemon lime electrolyte replacement*.  Along with these two nutrition essentials I brought my Nathan Hydration Belt which is essential for Winter running it allows me to have a place to put my energy chews, my water, my nuun electrolyte replacement, a chapstick(which I forget I have but when used is a life saver), a piece of tissue paper, and money in case I need to stop and pick something up along the way.  Winter running can be dangerous so I like to keep my ID on me as well, like the saying goes I would rather have something and not need it then to need it and not have it.
*I wanted to state that I am not being endorsed or asked to write a review on these products,  all opinions are my own.
What things are a must for your Winter runs?

2 thoughts on “Ten mile run and winter essentials

  1. That tattoo is beautiful, as is the quote. What about having the quote written in the main part of the stem (almost as if it is the stem itself)? I hope you're about to get it soon. I'm sorry to hear about you mom 😦 I can only imagine it's still hard.


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