Yoga with a bit of running

This morning I wanted to get up early to go for a run but my legs were still a bit sore so I decided to do some yoga, make a goal to drink lots of water today, and then run after work.  I have always appreciated how difficult yoga can be, but this morning my legs are screaming I can’t even do a lunge without the lower half of my body shaking.  I should also pull out that foam roller…
I caught up on reading this morning and made my goals for this week, I will still short four miles last week so now that there are no holidays to be my excuse I have made reaching my total miles this week a goal.  26 total miles planned, not a ridiculous amount but more than I have been used to lately.
I should have ran outside, 34 degrees at 4:40 a.m. in Utah in January is amazing, but I am still nervous that there is ice on the ground and it is dark outside still so I am not going to risk the injury.
My workout plan for the week:
  • Monday: 4 miles and yoga
  • Tuesday: 3 miles (speed work on track)
  • Wednesday: 4 miles
  • Thursday: XT 
  • Friday: 3 miles
  • Saturday: 12 miles
  • Sunday: XT

My mid week runs are a little shorter than some of the other training programs I have done in the past, but this year my training program allows me to run the total 26 miles on one of my long runs.  I am hoping that this helps me with my mental strength, which I struggle with, so that when race day comes I don’t get to mile 22 and think I can’t run another mile.  I have heard good and bad things about it so I figure you never know until you try so I am going to see how this approach works for me.

Have an amazing Monday!

8 thoughts on “Yoga with a bit of running

  1. I agree with you: 34 degrees would be amazing right now but I don't blame you for not wanting to go out in the dark. A couple of my friends are badly injured right now from running and slipping on black ice. Makes me think twice for sure. Better safe than sorry.


  2. What training plan are you using? I know the Jeff Galloway plan goes up to 26, but not sure if others do. I'm training for my first full in October and everyone is advising me not to go past 20-22 miles for my longest LR…thoughts?


  3. I am using one that I found off of runners connect, I just took that structure and incorporated my own cross training days in. I plan on putting it on a post later in the week. I have also heard that, but I hear the same for the other side so I am going to give it a try this season. I am a little nervous about it though. I think the low mileage that I am doing in the week makes the high mileage on Saturday ok. So my weekly mileage is the same as a standard training program. I will have to do some more research.


  4. My advice… just listen to your body. I'm coming back from injury (hoping PT will clear me to run soon) and I wish I'd listened to my body instead of pushing through to do what the training plans 'said' to do. And I plan to do more yoga this time around. 🙂


  5. I agree, it's important to know the difference between pushing your body in a good and pushing your body in a bad way. I am will have to see how this plan works out for me. Yoga is also a big to do on my list this year as well :).


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