It’s official!

As of today I am officially signed up for two marathons!  I am so excited, in my opinion nothing gets me more motivated to workout then signing up for a race.   Its a big turning point for me in my training because it becomes real.  Sounds a little cheesy but it’s what works for me!

The two races that I have signed up for are:

  1. Salt Lake City Marathon April 18th
  2. Revel Big Cottonwood Canyon Marathon September 12th

I am sooo excited, if you can’t already tell :).

In other news I am cross training a CNA to do HUC work so I haven’t had much down time at work to work on my post, I apologize :).  Today is her last day though and she is getting the hang of it so we are on separate computers today.
My running schedule this week has been pretty laid back I have ran a total of eleven miles and have three more planned Friday and then twelve planned for Saturday. 
I have been trying to keep my speed fairly easy I don’t want to over do it early on and end up getting a strain.  With that said I am also dedicating one day out of the week for speed work, which is usually a Wednesday or something :).
Has anyone ever tried using PicMonkey?  I just heard about it yesterday and was wondering what peoples thoughts were do you love it or is it hard to use?
My new Netflix obsession….Pretty Little Liars, I am not happy to admit that.  It is a very dramatic show, but it keeps me interested.
What are you binge watching on Netflix right now?
Ideas on PicMonkey?

2 thoughts on “It’s official!

  1. YAY for ramping up the marathon training! I want to get to the point where I can do more than one marathon a year, but right now I just need to get through my very first one I guess 🙂 Do you already have your training plan set?


  2. This will be my first year trying to do two in one year and I am a little nervous 🙂 I do have it set, but the time frame in-between races is a little difficult, I don't know whether to just start training from week one again and do a complete cycle or to create my own training cycle.


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