It is the end of my work week!

Work this week has been crazy, generally at the hospital you see a trend as the new rolls around.  People usually haven’t met their deductibles so not as many come in to get their elective surgeries done, but that isn’t so this year.  We have been at capacity every day this week and it has been busy.  Which is nice this week has flown by!

I woke up a little bit earlier so I could be at the gym the second it opens to get six miles in on the treadmill and have just enough time to do a quick clean up and dash over to the Patient Tower and clock in for work.  So today I look like a crawled out of bed and threw my hair up and called it good (which I did), but at the hospital that tends to be an acceptable ;).
Studying has been good, I was a little torn on whether or not to buy this book and just wing the test, since it is basic knowledge stuff anyways.  I am glad I bought the book.  I need to brush up on my math, it’s a lot like running in that if you don’t use it you loose it.  So today’s focus will be on reviewing math notations and all that jazz.  
Since I ran twelve miles over the weekend this week is a bit laid back.  I have to move my runs around to work with my schedule but I have 24 miles planned for this week.
Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: four miles
Wednesday: Rest/School
Thursday: six miles
Friday: five miles
Saturday: five miles
Sunday: four miles
Total: 24 miles for the week, not as much as a lot of people training for a marathon but it seems to be working well for me.
What are some fun cross training ideas for running? (I really need to work on it)

6 thoughts on “It is the end of my work week!

  1. Swimming is my \”go-to\” cross training activity and it really is good for runners. Some strokes are better than others depending on what your focus is for that particular session. For example…building endurance (freestyle, butterfly), recovery (breaststroke, backstroke). Since I suck at both backstroke (I always end up swimming diagonally) and butterfly, I normally alternate between freestyle and breaststroke (doing breaststroke more often). On a completely non-running related note…Do you work 3 days a week at the hospital? I'm not doing direct patient care right now (which sucks) and I have been thinking about going back to it, but not sure how 3 days a week will work out for me. Do you still love it or do you wish you worked a M-F job?


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