Hiking/ going easy.

Last week on my six mile treadmill run I noticed afterward that my hip and my knee were feeling a bit off it wasn’t painful but my knee would pop and feel funny and my hip was really tight.  So I did some stretching and relaxing and decided to get my mileage in by hiking.  Which was a blast!  
This was Sunday.  Hiking up Mill Creek Canyon in Utah is always a blast.  We did about four miles with the pups and then it got a bit too steep for one of the older dogs so we turned back.
Austin was being sneaky and taking pictures of me over his shoulder :).
This hike was on Saturday we went five miles up East Canyon, in the winter months they close the road down because of all the snow so it’s lots of fun to hike up and apparently cross country skiing which we are going to try next week.  I have never been skiing before so maybe this will help me to learn?  We will see…  I know I know, that beard is getting out of control but he his attached!
I love the pipe line trail, it is like a second home.  During the summer it is my go to trail run, it goes on forever.  Then in the winter time it’s an easy enough hike that we are able to take the dogs and let them roam around off leash.
We couldn’t decide if that was a snowball placed there intentionally or if it just happened to fall and stay like that?  We decided to leave it alone.
I bought this for Inca, it changed my life.  The leash can be wrapped around the collar and then if you need a quick leash you just pull the red tab and it unwinds!  It really is perfect and it the perfect length for having pets on the trail.
I hope everyone has a great Monday! 

4 thoughts on “Hiking/ going easy.

  1. Looks like an awesome hike! When I was out running today I saw so many people with their dogs, it made me feel guilty that I left mine at home! He's going to get a long walk later!!


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