Bad runs!

So last week seemed like it would be a really promising week as far as running goes, until THURSDAY.  I had a really bad day at work, it was busy and there was cake and things went downhill super fast. Unfortunately I have a all or nothing mentality so when I gave in and had that piece I ended up binge eating for the rest of the night, and then it turned into the rest of the weekend…This has been an ongoing thing since my marathon training began.

I am starting to notice how this affects my training.  I have been procrastinating my runs because I feel like junk because I am eating nothing but junk all weekend and then my run either don’t happen or they aren’t as good as they are supposed to be.  For example I was supposed to run 15 miles on Saturday but I kept putting it off and eventually it was Sunday.  I had made plans to go to my Grandmothers Sunday morning and then Austin’s moms Sunday night and we had to get out groceries and clean the apartment up a little bit.  So in the midst of all that I finally had two and a half hours planned out to run my fifteen miles, I got eight miles in and was feeling great, the path was a little more uphill then I like but I was doing ok.  Until I thought I had to cough and it was vomit…Jalapenos and salsa from my potatoes and eggs from that morning ( and three cups of coffee).  I could barely breathe and I started to get really miserable and HOT in the middle of January( it was fifty degrees and I was in a black long sleeve shirt and my warmest leggings).  I called Austin and asked him to come and pick me up.

A lot of other things went wrong as well, like I forgot a hat and my sunglasses and the sun was shinning on my face the entire time and with the snow melting there was water all over the sidewalks and roads that reflected the sun right into my face.  It was a great reminder to me that all my runs can’t be great, or even good.  This run sucked.  It was really humbling I realized how far fifteen miles really is and how important it is to take care of your body and give it what it needs to be able to preform.

The way this past week went made me want to get back in touch with eating whole nutritious foods and changing my relationship with food.  I have a very unhealthy relationship with food, I eat for pleasure not for nutrition and my beliefs are that your food should serve the purpose of being satisfying but most importantly being nutritious and good for you overall.  That is why I am going to do Whole 30 again.  I tried it right before/during the holidays and only made it twenty days.  I would like to do the complete thirty days and be more adventurous in trying new recipes.
I am starting it off right by reading It Starts with Food.  I am hoping this book helps bring some of the why into the how with Whole 30.  
Let me know if you have any tips for Whole 30!


6 thoughts on “Bad runs!

  1. Ugh. Sorry the run went downhill due to a bad food choice. I've never done Whole 30 but I do try to stay as unprocessed as possible. If you can make the shift from eating for entertainment to eating for fuel, you're more than halfway there. 15 miles are definitely no joke.


  2. Sorry that your run didnt go well but at least you are figuring out that its likely linked to your nutrition. This should be a better time to do the Whole30 than around the holidays. Good luck! I definitely think there are tons of benefits and it sets you up for having a better relationship with food.


  3. I hope so. How is your Whole 30 going? I am just reading the book and there are a lot of testimonies on how you hit a point where you no longer have those cravings any more and everything just clicks.


  4. Sorry to hear about your run. It really sucks when you have a bad run 😦 Nutrition has a big impact on my training too. And I find that my eating is less than ideal when I'm dealing with monthly hormonal surges. I've never done Whole 30 but I have done Paleo. I think Paleo works if you can stick to it. It ends up being expensive 😦 and I'm on a tight budget this year so I'm back to my regular diet. Hopefully I can get back to Paleo soon…or if the Whole 30 works for you I might try that 🙂


  5. I am on day four and so far day three has been the worst. It doesn't help though that my boyfriend has all my favorite things at home. I am feeling better, not to much physiologically but psychologically, I don't ever go to bed at night regretting the food choices I made during the day.


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