New (to me) treats at Trader Joe’s

So I am on day eight of my Whole 30, and this one is going a lot better then the last time I attempted to do Whole 30.  I am doing a lot more research and have found things to help me get through the next couple of weeks.
I didn’t know how I would like chicken sausage but when I throw it in with scrambled eggs, hot sauce, and on top of a sweet potato I have a really yummy breakfast :).
This hot sauce is AMAZING it is really hard to find salsa or hot sauce that doesn’t have any added preservatives or sugars in it but this one fits those standards.  The best part is that it is spicy but not overwhelmingly spicy so you can actually put enough of it on your food to taste it and it won’t overpower your senses.
These were recommended to me by a co-worker who has completed Whole 30 a couple of times and she said these were a huge life saver.  They are really amazing and are packed with tons of flavor.  I like my with guacamole on top of them and a salad on the side.
In running news Saturday I successfully completed my fifteen mile run which is the longest I have ran in a year.  Two years ago I attempted to run a marathon, and the long distance runs were really difficult but for some reason I feel like this time around it is a little bit more difficult.  Maybe it is because I am in a new area and don’t know where all the great running paths are? It was a good run though, not great but good.  I switched from listening to podcast on my phone to listen to audio-books while I run and it was really entertaining :).
I hope everyone has an amazing Monday!
Any amazing foods that you would recommend for Whole 30?

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