Late night treadmill purchase…and improvising.

Sometimes I wish I ran with a professional camera…I was running along the Bonneville Shoreline and the view looking out towards downtown and the Great Salt Lake was amazing so I took a picture of it and it ended up looking smoggy :-/.  It really was pretty and really refreshing. 
I had six miles planned but only ran three, because I didn’t get there until 4:45 and sundown is at 5:45 and I just got a little nervous because there were grey skies and I didn’t want to be caught in the rain and the dark in a area that I am not 100% familiar with and no headlight, I may have just been making excuses but I was making myself pretty nervous so I just ran three and called it a night.  P.S. does anyone else think that running on the trail is so much harder than just running on the road?
This photo is half low quality and half bad lighting but you get the gist.  My dad called me at six o’clock at night and was super excited to tell me he bought a treadmill.  I am super jealous.  He asked if I would bring Austin over to help him get it out of the back of his truck. 
It took us nearly three hours to throw this puppy together and it is super nice.  I will most likely be spending even more time at my dads to break in his new treadmill ;).  One day I will have one of my own, then I won’t have to feel awkward at the gym around a lot of people, I can just feel awkward at home by myself.
I’m excited for my trail run after work today.  What are your fun workout plans?

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