Have you ever?

No not the fun drinking game :)… I was wondering if any of you guys have ever heard of the bike race Goldilocks?   I was informed just this week that this all girl’s bike race is going to add on a running portion to their annual race. I am super excited!  I have heard really great things about the bike event so I am positive that the running portion would be just as amazing!

Some FAQ’s about Goldilocks:

  • The bike ride distance’s are 30, 60, 100 miles
  • The running distances are 5k, 10k, or a Half Marathon
  • They are a part of Ride for a Cause (Provide real hair wigs to women with cancer.)
  • Locations: Boise, Salt Lake, Las Vegas

Visit their website to get answers to all the questions you may have about their event.

I will be running in the Salt Lake Goldilocks event on May 9th, which is Mother’s day weekend. How fun would it be to ride or run with your mom in what I hear is an amazing uplifting event with a great atmosphere?

If you are interested I would check out their website soon, I hear they sell out each year.

(Trail running Mill Creek Canyon)

In my work out world I am attempting to add hills into my workouts, which means my mileage has come down a bit.  That’s OK though if I am able to work on hills and build a little bit of strength and speed I can do my seven mile speed workout today on the treadmill and then another day of hills then my long run on Saturday. Sometimes it is nice to go off schedule and just run on trails and do what I want to do and just run for fun.

*This is a sponsored post by Revel they are the company who host’s the Goldilocks event.  All thoughts and opinions are however my own.

Have a great Wednesday!

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