Splitting up a longish run

This morning I woke up at 4:00 a.m. to hopefully get in a ten mile run before work, I didn’t actually get out the door until 4:15.  I started listening to my audiobook and the part that I had left off on the day before apparently was a very graphic, scary, run for your life battle/scary creature scene.  Usually books/movies don’t literally scare me but it was dark and I don’t live in the safest area (what is the safest area really?) and I was jumping at shadows and imagining crazy people jumping at the fences and staring at me in a scary way?  I don’t know my mind was all over the place so I rounded the corner checked in 2.5 miles and grabbed my gym bag to run at the treadmill at work for thirty more minutes making my total mileage 5.5 miles.  So tonight I am going to take my dogs up to Mill Creek Canyon (odd number days you can let your dog’s off of their leash on the trails) and run 4.5 miles more.

From Runners World: Source

Can I Split Up My Long Run?

“Splitting up your long run not only allows you to complete your mileage, but it can help you run with better form throughout the distance. We all have a fatigue threshold at which our endurance ability fades and our form starts to deteriorate. For instance, if you’re able to run 6-8 miles right now and went out to run 16 miles, you’ll likely begin to break down between 9-10 miles.
But just because we can do something because our mind lets us doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Pushing through while fatigued can cause aches, pains, and potentially injury when secondary muscles take over to compensate and keep us moving.
When you break your long run into two segments in a day, you have a recovery period that allows you to start up again with somewhat fresher form to finish the last 30- to 40-percent of the long run. To break up your run, complete about 60-percent (or so) in the morning, and then finish the rest in the afternoon or evening.”

This makes me feel a tad bit better about not just running the entire thing at once, and I may adopt this into my long 18 mile run this Saturday. I will keep you posted.

People think it’s crazy that I spend so much time looking up running articles, reading running blogs, or writing about running and train for a marathon, but I like to surround myself with the stuff I love and knowledge is power right?

I don’t have any new fun running pictures so I will share a picture that my good friend Kim showed me at work and it has been a fun one to send to people randomly :).

It’s amazing right? 🙂

Happy Thursday, today is my Friday!

4 thoughts on “Splitting up a longish run

  1. I do the same thing you do regarding researching articles etc about running and training. Knowledge IS power and I am a firm believer in doing your research in all aspects of running to help minimize injury etc. I read the same article about splitting up long runs and I actually have a couple of weeks specifically dedicated to splitting my long runs for my upcoming marathon training calendar. Let me know how you feel after the second run of the evening 🙂


  2. I have found that if I split up my runs I loose a little bit of my motivation to get back out there. I think that is more of my mental game than anything else though, I have a twenty mile run next week that I am going to try this again and see how that makes me feel. When do you start your marathon training? 🙂


  3. Official marathon training starts in May for my October race. That means my really long LRs will be in the height of summer (which sucks) so splitting the runs might be needed to help beat the humidity factor. Or I can always start at 4am (but I will needs someone to be running with me if I do that)


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