Weekend long run fails

A new Trader Joe’s has opened up in Cottonwood heights! It is literally a mile and a half away from my apartment!  This could be bad in that I am attempting to save money but there are so many good things to buy from here!
They gave us these fun leis as we walked through the doors on opening day, and they had free coffee and mini cookie’s at the front door!
Has anyone ever been to this Endurance Sports Show before?  I have been seeing signs all over the place on my long runs and I have never heard of this before.  I will definitely be attending this year, I am really excited to see what it is about.
My 18 mile long run on Saturday did not go as planned, it was sooo windy.  I know I should fight through it but it was exhausting and I was exhausted!  So I went ten miles and then took my dogs to Tanner Park to enjoy the nice (but windy) day, plus it’s about a two mile trail so I really did twelve miles, just not running the whole time 😉 you win some you lose some right?  This week my focus is on hills and speed, two areas that I have been neglecting and during my long runs it really starts to get to me when I am running up a hill and feel like I have to walk to the top.  
This morning I ran seven miles at a 10 minute mile pace, I can’t believe how windy Utah is right now!  I stuck it out though and I am hoping it makes me a faster and better runner ? We will see, It was fun and I really enjoyed myself.
The book I am reading now is kinda dorky but I am a sucker for fantasy novels. It is the Sword of Truth series, there are eleven books and they are all about 1000 pages and my goal is to be able to listen to them while I run to keep my mind occupied, It has been working really well!
Do any of you listen to Audiobooks on your long runs?

Which books do you recommend?

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