Wednesday check in

I have been loving this song lately!  When I have 0.5-1.0 mile left of my run I have been turning off my Audiobook and playing this song on repeat.  It’s been a great way to end my run’s.
Six more days left of my Whole 30 and then I have been contemplating doing a second Whole 30.  I have been feeling really great and have lost 8 pounds without feeling like I am restricting calories.  I have missed eating all the fun Valentines Day treats though.  This Valentines Day I found this funny picture on ifunny, if I could buy this I would! 
I am getting just a bit quicker, it’s nice to see my hard work pay off and to actually see some improvements in my time!  My goal is to average at least a 7:30 minute mile by the end of the year, is that too radical? 
My workouts for this week:
  • Monday: XT fifty minutes, rode my bike to work five miles each way, total of ten miles and 25 minutes each way.  It was cold but nice to get my bike out!
  • Tuesday: Nine mile run down Big Cottonwood Canyon, I LOVE running down hill, I prefer it to everything else. Avg pace 8:50 min/mile.
  • Wednesday: Eight mile run, don’t know where I am going to run at yet
  • Thursday: XT Bike ride to work and Yoga
  • Friday: Three mile run (easy pace)
  • Saturday: Twenty Mile run, I’m really nervous for this run.
  • Sunday: XT (yoga and some ab work).
  • Total miles: 40 

I was supposed to run four miles Monday and then five Tuesday but I combined them to run nine Tuesday so that I could have three rest day’s this week since I am running twenty miles and my legs have been really sore this week.

In other news I have my consultation for my tattoo today after work, I am so excited to see what they have to say!
I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday check in

  1. Great progress with your pace! That's really awesome!!! Pace has been my struggle recently. Ok, it's always my struggle, but even more so recently. I've been eating better but maybe I need to refocus on my diet and try Paleo or the Whole 30 too


  2. I think my diet and adding speed work into my routine has been an amazing addition, I have been there though where you are working so hard and running consistently but my pace never changed. I was really glad to see some results.


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