Post Whole 30 Day 1

So as many of you know I had made a second attempt to complete all thirty day’s of a Whole 30 challenge.  As of today I am officially done with my thirty days of clean eating, I lost approx. 7 pounds and am feeling great but it would be a lie if I told you my cravings are 100% gone, with that said though I don’t have any candy or chip cravings.  Candy isn’t really a big deal I am more of a salty girl so the chips craving is really nice, finding sweet potato chips that don’t have anything added has been really nice so that if I ever feel like I want some I just grab a bag of those.
I also found that my energy level was increased but my long runs seemed to take a toll and I would feel fine until mile fifteen and I would just feel depleted it was crazy, it would be so instant, I would feel 100% and then hit a wall, hard.  In my opinion I think it had a lot to do with increasing my mileage and decreasing my carbohydrate intake.  I know some people can do it and be just fine but I have a hard time running long distances without any carb’s.
So we finally got a little bit of snow in Utah, which is great because with the mild winter we are having we are worried about the water levels for the rest of the year.  I was planning on running down Big Cottonwood Canyon for my twenty miler last weekend but I ended up going out by my dad’s house and getting fifteen miles in out there.  I know it doesn’t look like a lot of snow but during the winter months this canyon is crazy busy and since there was fresh snow there was a lot of cars and up at the top the cushion on the top of the canyon so I didn’t want to chance it.
I saw this swimsuit on Pinterest and they said it was from Athleta but it must have been from a few years back because I can’t find it.  I love it though, if I can find a similar swim suit it will be on my list of summer thing’s to buy, along with running skirts I have been having a hard time finding shorts that don’t ride up when I run and I think I am going to give running skirts a try.
My Workouts for this week: (tentative, I like to be able to move my rest day’s around as needed)
  • Monday: Three miles
  • Tuesday: five miles
  • Wednesday: Eight miles
  • Thursday: XT
  • Friday: Three miles
  • Saturday: 18-16 Miles, I will see how it goes
  • Sunday: XT

Any great suggestions on shorts or running skirt options?  

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